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At Northern Republic, we do Social Media Marketing with all the special effects: creating the inspiring & the impactful while driving real engagement

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    Imbuing Your Brand With Social Influence

    Attention is the new currency – no matter your audience. At Northern Republic, we understand the power of a business’s social influence: to intrigue their audience, influence their decisions, and ultimately propel them towards their brand’s grand vision. Our Social Media Marketing experts will assess, plan, and strategize before creating targeted campaigns across the most suited social media platforms. In an age of stimulation excess – we know what it takes to cut through to your audience.

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    Sparking Engagement Beyond First Clicks

    Our Social Media Marketing strategies reach beyond the short term – we devise campaigns that drive long term engagement and loyalty to your brand

    Social Media Campaigns Crafted For Influence

    Facebook Marketing

    The longstanding social hub of the internet, Facebook’s millions of loyal users make it a powerful platform to grow your brand’s presence. We seek to first assess your goals, understand your business, audience, and competition - only then do we craft Facebook-specific campaigns driven by expert insights.

    Instagram Marketing

    Captivating media is only the beginning of Instagram - we know it takes a combination of click-worthy images, meaning writing, and targeted hashtags to build real engagement. We research your business, competitors, and potential customers - then we create the content, devise the strategy, and manage the engagement of your audience.

    LinkedIn Marketing

    LinkedIn is a powerful platform for generating conversion-ready leads, but marketing on its platform has its own, specialized method. We leverage its personal reach to help grow your business or professional network - with authentic, persuasive, and intriguing campaigns that speak directly to real people.

    Twitter Marketing

    With its limited word count and preference for potency, Twitter is an ideal platform for getting your business’s ideas and visions across. We build campaigns that resonate with your audience, deliver real value, and ultimately drive conversions.

    What We Do For You

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    Transform Your Brand’s Online Presence

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    Grow Targeted Social Network & Connections

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    Influence Your Audience’s Purchase Decisions

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    Embolden Your Brand’s Authority & Reputation

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    Save You Money & Boost Your ROI

    How We Do It For You

    Draw Research-informed Insights From Analytics

    Expertly Strategize Your Social Reach

    Creativity Craft Posts To Drive Engagement

    Efficiently Advertise To Grow Your Presence

    AI-Automate Your Social Media Influence

    Expanding Your Brand’s Presence Through Intrigue & Insight

    Each brand has its unique story, and we know how to bring it to vibrant life – creating on-brand, clicky-worthy posts to captivate your target audience

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    Expanding Your Brand’s Presence Through Intrigue & Insight

    Each brand has its unique story, and we know how to bring it to vibrant life – creating on-brand, clicky-worthy posts to captivate your target audience

    The “Absolutely, Northern Republic” Part

    Combining SMM expertise with creative prowess, we’re dedicated to helping you build your online presence for your ultimate business success
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    Powered By Over 10 Years of Industry Experience

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    Research-Driven Insights, Measurable Results

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    Speedy Delivery Time With Our Quality Promise

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    Experts in Influence Across All Social Media Platforms

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    1:1 Interactions With A Dedicated Project Manager

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    Combining Experience From A Broad-Range Of Digital Marketing

    Combining A Passion For Persuasion With A Commitment To Results

    We are influencers, creators, marketers, and managers championing your brand with expertise and innovation. For any questions at all or to start growing your online reach – please reach out to us at any time

    About Us

    About Northern Republic

    Why Us?

    Based in Lancaster, UK but serving the world, we are a one-stop digital marketing agency powered by real-life results. From SEO services to branding and web design, we offer strategic solutions tailored to brands mighty and small. Defined by passion, expertise, and a ceaseless commitment to growth, we believe that the digital age is a chance for transformation for all.

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