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The Northern Republic is a strategic digital marketing agency that provides bespoke lead-generating websites, advanced digital marketing, and management services. Through adopting and implementing our three-prong approach of discovery, research, and strategy. We help turn small to medium-sized businesses into high converting, income-generating powerhouses.

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Our mission here at the Northern Republic is simple but effective; we thrive on putting businesses in front of customers who wish to buy your products and services. We streamline the process by identifying what your business needs to succeed, we do so by focusing on your organisation; we work step-by-step to reach end goals and not just race to the finish line.

Why us

We help businesses attract more of the right customers online.

Our values:

We believe in nurturing talent, not limiting it. we build confidence and let people express themselves professionally. We have processes, expectations and always take accountability but urge our team to be creative, innovative and free within our structure. 

Our motto is – overdeliver 

Our core values are – freedom, passion, hope, resilience, respect, creativity, fun, and growth

Our mission statement is – we want to make a positive difference to people’s lives and businesses.

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The Northern Republic Story

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The Northern Republic is a Lancaster based web design company and digital marketing agency. We dedicatedly serve SMEs and Large-scale businesses for optimising sales and increasing conversions.

Founder and Managing Director Luke Bolger had a dream. He wanted not only to transform the poor reputation of service providers, product quality, and deliverables, but he wanted to live in a world; focused on pushing forward and prioritising genuine change. A big part of Luke’s vision is to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds reach their full potential

Luke’s passionate about proving stereotypes wrong and was asked by a publication what his motivation was. He replied:

The Northern Republic will be partnering with other organisations to help combat social injustices with a prominent focus on uplifting and elevating young people. We want to give hope to the people who need it most.

Luke’s keen to set aside the corporate image and showcase the Northern Republic as an organisation with a soul, with a heartbeat that profoundly cares about treating customers and team members with humility, integrity, kindness, and understanding.

Over the years, Luke has worked tirelessly to build his company. He has faced adversity along the way but worked hard to overcome his obstacles. With his motto of “over-deliver,” Luke intends to do just that. He recognises that the more he can achieve, the better opportunity he has of fulfilling his next major accomplishment of setting up an enterprise to help young adults gain much-needed personal development skills.

The future for the Northern Republic? Well, we predict a growing company with happy staff and a thriving client base. So, what are you waiting for? Your transformation awaits; click the link below to begin your free consultation.

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Happiness comes from helping others

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